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Our Mission

We Aim to Restore the Healthy Flow of Energy in Homes, Land, Offices and Commercial Spaces while Enhancing the Harmony and Well-Being For All Who Occupy Them.

Education at the Forefront

Energetic Space Clearing Practitioners, Lisa Geren & Renee Eisen have been trained and certified in Elemental Space Clearing® by Denise Linn, a master teacher and author of the quintessential book on space clearing, Sacred Space. Our training and background have provided us with many holistic and integrative tools such as the use of smudging elements such as Sage and Palo Santo, Sacred Mudras, elements of Feng Shui, candles, sound instruments specifically for space clearing, cleansing essential oils blends, Reiki charged crystal grids and crystal sprays to remotely clear energetic imprints so the energy in a home or space is freshened and enhanced.

Renee Eisen Space Clearing

Our Formal Training

Lisa Geren & Renee Eisen have also both earned a Master Certification of Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®. Their training has empowered them to use holistic energy clearing tools to clear, balance and restore healthy energetics to land and spaces.

Lisa is a Reiki Master and also an Acutonics® Level III sound healer and has found great success in utilizing Tibetan Bowls, tuning forks, specially crafted Balinese Bells and other vibrational techniques to assist with clearing spaces and bringing in resonant harmonies.

Renee has received Feng Shui Master level certification from the International Feng Shui School, a Gold Level school with the international Feng Shui Guild. Renee is a graduate of the Chopra Meditation Instructor Certification program from Deepak Chopra’s internationally recognized the Chopra Center.


What Makes Us Different?

Lisa & Renee have a unique collaborative process and approach to space clearing. Together they have over 20 years of experience working with a variety of clients and have spent years pursuing pertinent trainings and certifications to bring their clients the most beneficial space clearing service offerings.

Renee Eisen, MIM


Master Certification of Intuition Medicine®

Elemental Space Clearing®

Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner

Former Realtor®

Usai/Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master®, Animal Reiki Master®, Angel Reiki Master®, Crystal Reiki Master

Chopra Meditation Instructor

Lisa Geren MSW, MIM


Master Certification of Intuition Medicine®

Elemental Space Clearing®

Acutonics® Level IV Practitioner

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Master of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania (2003)

Professional Wellness Public Speaker Since 2003