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What to Expect with Energetic Space Clearing

What happens once you book your appointment?

We thought you’d ask. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll experience.

We Offer a Variety of Energetic Clearing For





Real Estate

Energetic Space Clearing for homes san francisco

What Happens During the Space Clearing Ceremony?

During the space or land clearing, Lisa and Renee will work collaboratively with their unique training and space clearing techniques to assess what imbalances may be present.

We Intuitively Assess Each Space.

Once an inquiry is made for space clearing, a Radiant Spaces practitioner will reach out with an intake form to obtain information that will help them tailor and customize a special space clearing ceremony specifically for you and the occupants of your space. After the intake information is received, an appointment will be confirmed.

We utilize a variety of Elemental Space Clearing® methods and intuitive energy techniques to cleanse, re-balance and rejuvenate the space.

Elements of Feng Shui

Cleansing Aromatics

Sacred Mudras

Custom Altar

Sound Instruments

Energy Techniques


Color Therapeutics

Energetic Space Clearing for businesses marin county

What happens before the ceremony ends?

Before the closing of the service, Lisa and Renee will do a ceremony of Intention to bring in the new energy desired by the occupants. We create a custom altar for each space clearing ceremony with carefully selected colors and space clearing aids.

A summary of notes will be sent along with any intuitive recommendations that may have come through during the clearing ceremony.

Energetic Space Clearing for homes marin county