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When booking a Space Clearing service through Radiant Spaces you'll receive

The expertise of 2 seasoned, space clearing professionals with extensive credentials

Pictures of 2 Reiki-charged crystal grids that are custom tailored to support the positive flow of energy in your space

The use of sound instrument clearing tools tailored to the needs of your space

An unique blessing ceremony that is done on your behalf to support your intentions

A variety of cleansing aromatics used such as Lavender, Sage, Palo Santo and other blends to shift and uplift the energies of your space

A detailed summary report that includes resources and feng-shui inspired recommendations

Space Clearing San Francisco

Our Pricing Structure

Select the square footage option that reflects your space the best.


Tier 1


Up to 1000 sqft


Tier 2


1000-2500 sqft


Tier 3


2500-4000 sqft


Tier 4


Essential Space Clearing


Tier 5

Due to Covid-19, Radiant Spaces is primarily doing remote
space clearings. If you are interested in an in-person clearing,
contact Radiant Spaces for a custom quote as travel fees do apply.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is, infinite."

- William Blake

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