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Radiant Spaces

2 oz Manifest by Radiant Spaces Intention & Blessing Spray

2 oz Manifest by Radiant Spaces Intention & Blessing Spray

Crystal & Reiki-infused Room Mist

Infused with amethyst and rainbow fluorite crystals, our Manifest spray has also been charged with essences of citrine, clear quartz, green aventurine & jade. 

This woodsy spray has a fresh, enlivening fragrance with notes of japanese cypress, lavender, palmarosa & tangerine. This plant-based product has no harsh chemicals or synthetics.

This high vibe elixir mist is versatile and can be used to invigorate spaces, inspire creative ideas, new opportunities or call in desired intentions.

Care Instructions

Room Spray Care

- Keep away from children & pets
- Enjoy as a room spray, not intended for body
- Keep away from fire & incandescent objects
- Do not swallow
- Avoid contact with face, mouth, & eyes
- Shake well before use

Optional Space Clearing & Blessing Ritual: Hold spray at heart & envision your intentions.
Spray each corner of the space & enjoy this uplifting fragrance infused with your personal intentions &


Made with organic botanicals of Japanese Cypress, Lavender, Tangerine & Palmarosa. Preserved in organic, pure cane alcohol. Charged with clear quartz, citrine, jade & green aventurine gem essences.

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